Smart Warehouses


Smart Warehouses

Do you have time-sensitive products? Products you need to have in time for Black Friday? Halloween? Summer weather? Or perhaps you’re dealing in hazardous materials that require special care?

You can flag your products for arrival at the time they’re most likely to sell. Copybooks and pencils in September – suntan lotion and beach toys in June.

We provide Smart Warehousing services – meaning we can monitor and act on perishable or time-sensitive items in real-time. If your product has a limited shelf life, we can adjust stock so that it is flowing through the system at the appropriate flow speed, and is optimised for maximum shelf time based on its due date.

Our Smart Warehousing model allows you to be aware of where your products are, how they are being handled, and where they need to move to in order to reach the market.

By reducing the margin for human error, your goods can make the journey from production to consumer safely, swiftly and securely.